A list of common problems and their solutions.

Nodes hang while downloading the deploy ramdisk or kernel

Cause: Improper MTU settings on deployment interfaces.

Solution: Set the MTU on the deployment interfaces to allow PXE booting to work correctly. For TripleO-based deployments, see the readme for details on how to do this. For others, make sure that the deployment nic on the undercloud vm has the MTU set appropriately and that the DHCP server responding to PXE requests advertises the same MTU. Note that this MTU should be 50 bytes smaller than the physical MTU of the host cloud.

Nodes are deployed, but cannot talk to each other

In OpenStack deployments, this often presents as rabbitmq connectivity issues from compute nodes.

Cause: Improper MTU settings on deployed instances.

Solution: Essentially the same as the previous problem. Ensure that the MTU being used on the deployed instances is 50 bytes smaller than the physical MTU of the host cloud. Again, for TripleO-based deployments the readme has details on how to do this.

Nodes fail to PXE boot

Cause: The nodes are not configured to PXE boot properly.

Solution: This depends on the method being used to PXE boot. If the Nova patch is being used to provide this functionality, then ensure that it has been applied on all compute nodes and those nodes’ nova-compute service has been restarted. If the ipxe-boot image is being used without the Nova patch, the baremetal instances must be rebuilt to the ipxe-boot image before subsequent deployments.

Nodes fail to PXE boot 2

DHCP requests are seen on the undercloud VM, but responses never get to the baremetal instances.

Cause: Neutron port security blocking DHCP from the undercloud.

Solution: Ensure that the Neutron port-security extension is present in the host cloud. It is required for OVB to function properly.

The BMC does not respond to IPMI requests

Cause: Several. Neutron may not be configured to allow the BMC to listen on arbitrary addresses. The BMC deployment may have failed for some reason.

Solution: Neutron must be configured to allow the BMC to listen on arbitrary addresses. This requires the port-security extension as in the previous solution. If this is already configured correctly, then the BMC may have failed to deploy properly. This can usually be determined by looking at the nova console-log of the BMC instance. A correctly working BMC will display ‘Managing instance [uuid]’ for each baremetal node in the environment. If those messages are not found, then the BMC has failed to start properly. The relevant error messages should be found in the console-log of the BMC. If that is not sufficient to troubleshoot the problem, the BMC can be accessed using the ssh key configured in the OVB environment yaml as the ‘centos’ user.