Configuring the Host Cloud

Some of the configuration recommended below is optional, but applying all of it will provide the optimal experience.

The changes described in this document apply to compute nodes in the host cloud.

  1. The Nova option force_config_drive must _not_ be set. If you have to change this option, restart nova-compute to apply it.

  2. Ideally, jumbo frames should be enabled on the host cloud. This avoids MTU problems when deploying to instances over tunneled Neutron networks with VXLAN or GRE.

    For TripleO-based host clouds, this can be done by setting mtu on all interfaces and vlans in the network isolation nic-configs. A value of at least 1550 should be sufficient to avoid problems.

    If this cannot be done (perhaps because you don’t have access to make such a change on the host cloud), it will likely be necessary to configure a smaller MTU on the deployed virtual instances. Details on doing so can be found on the Using a Deployed OVB Environment page.